Saturday, June 6, 2015

November 10, 2014 - 6 Months!

I got burned today. Hard. We had an activity with the zone, and we were outside playing volleyball for like an hour and half. And I am burned. Then after that, we went and ate with my district, encebollado! It is like a soup with stuff, and is SOO good! And then we came to write! But encebollado. So good. uff.

It has been a good week with a lot of work, but not quite as many fruits. BUT!! On Thursday, we visited the family Jimenez with our mission lider, but he said a few things that weren´t  quite correct, mainly because he doesn´t know, and unfortunately planted some doubts in Rafael about tithing. So on Friday, just us went and we talked straight up with them about everything. So what we all agreed on is that Rafael would talk with his wife (she already wanted to be baptized) and then we would come to lunch on Saturday and eat with the zone leaders also and he would tell us.    So we prayed and prayed and prayed for him.   
Saturday at 1 pm, we went and ate soup of balones de verde. So good! Then we talked..
He started by saying, "unfortunately I don´t dream and didn´t dream last night either" and I was like nooooo. :( but then he continued, saying how they had talked and really how they have changed and felt a lot better and more peaceful and all. Then ended by saying, we are going to get baptized!! I almost jumped out of my seat, and just hugged him!    The zone leaders interviewed them right then, and they are getting baptized on Saturday!!! WHOOO!! haha it was awesome!

So that was that. And that is the highlight of the week! Things are going really well here. I am still in my first sector, but am done with a fourth of my mission! And I hope to stay here for one more change! We have changes in 3 weeks, and I hope to survive them, although my chances are slim. :P 

Don´t have very much more time, but I just leave my testimony that I know this church is true, and that being a missionary is awesome. I have changed so much in so many ways already. I just look at things a little bit differently. 

I love you all!


Elder Dallin Parker

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