Saturday, June 6, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Week of miracles

It has been a week of miracles. Truly. And it has been awesome. We set a goal in the zone this week to find a new investigator every day. And to have a new investigator, we have to be inside their house, teach them a lesson, end with a prayer, and have another appointment with them to return. So, if we don´t have any appointments with people, we have to go contacting and hope that the people will let us in to their houses! But, we wanted to do it soooo bad. So we went with full faith into this week, and had miracles.

First miracle is Gabriel. On tuesday, we had to go do an interview for one of our district leaders. And that took up some good time, but when we got back, we made a few calls, and our other appointments were´nt there. So, we went and said a prayer, then started contacting. After like, an hour and a half of contacting, we did have an appointment that was not set, but we were just going to go and see if they were there, so we are heading to the church to meet up with a member, and we see this guy walking down the road going the opposite direction as us, and I just felt that we should contact him. So we do. And I was thinking, "this is our guy. He is going to take us to his house and we are going to teach him!" But... it wasn´t the case. Bueno. Lets go to the visit. So we are going to the church and we see a man waiting outside the church. When we get there, he asked us if there was a program or anything like that. We said no, but asked him if we could do something for him. And he tolded us he needed help.  That is a statement that we LOVE to hear as missionaries. So we invited him inside and had a lesson with him. He told us that he had separated from his wife 4 days earlier and was super bad. So we were able to teach him the plan de salvacion and he accepted a baptismal date! He told us that he had been walking up the same street where we talked to that guy before going to the church and had passed us and almost decided to talk to us, but saw that we were busy. SO, if we had not talked to that random guy in the street that I thought was going to be the one, Gabriel never would have passed us and we never would have met him. He is amazing. We met on Friday again and told us that he felt peace after that first meeting on tuesday. That was our first miracle. 

Second miracle is that we have been working with Monica, who is less active, and her daughter Jennifer who is 12 and is going to be baptized in 2 weeks! Monica had a boyfriend and was going to get married with him this friday, and we had tried to teach him and all that, but he was just weird and like, really disrespectful. And we did not like him. We were always worried he was going to be there when we taught Jennifer because he always interupted. But we found out on friday that she had dumped him and is now 100% ready to come back to the church and be active :) And they went to church yesterday!

sorry this is kind of long, and there have been more, but those are the biggest. 

I love you all! Thank you for your suppport and prayers! 

Elder Parker

list of areas served in:
1. Carcelen Bajo en Barrio Carcelen en estaca Ofelia por 4 cambios. Compañeros: Elder Herrera - San Pedro Sula, Honduras (2 cambios) Elder Larsen - Meridian, Idaho (2 Cambios)

2. San Antonio (y otras partes) en Rama El Ejido en Distrito Ibarra por 2 cambios. Compañeros: Elder Apaza - Arequipa, Peru (1 cambio) Elder Obando - Trujillo, Peru (1 cambio) 

3. CollaLoma en Comité del Pueblo en Barrio CollaLoma en estaca Calderon por 1 cambio. Compañero: Elder Miranda - Cusco, Peru.

4. San Carlos en Barrio San Carlos en estaca Quito por 1 cambio (o mas. Estoy aqui ahorita) Compañero: Elder Guild - Star Valley, Wyoming.

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