Saturday, June 6, 2015

March 30, 2015 - March 30..

It has been another normal week here in CollaLoma. We have been working a lot with William Rojas, and we are just waiting for the papers to get taken care of so they can get married. That should happen in about 2 weeks!  :)

We are also working tons with Fabiola, and WOW! We made plans with her to pick her up with a member that has a car, but she walked to church on her own in the rain, because she wanted to be there on time! She is doing super well! 

Today we just went to the offices to get a few things for a few of the missionaries. And now we are writing! 

I was going to send fotos, but my camara died.. Shoot. 

But I am sooo excited for general conference this weekend! And all of you should watch the video, Because He Lives. It is a video that has helped me sooo much! 

Thank you all for your well wishes! 

Love, Elder Parker

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