Saturday, June 6, 2015

April 13, 2015 - First week.. Check

Well, I am done with my first week in my new sector and things are going well! Due to a lot of fallen appointments, we got to talk to a lot of families this week! It was fun, and really satisfying, being able to talk and share with the families. AND we have a family now that has a baptismal date and that we are working with :)

My lesson that I have learned this week has been the power of testimony. We contacted a man that was over 80 years old this week. We started talking to him and he sounded pretty interested. He had gone to church before when he was younger and liked it, but didn´t want to be baptized. We started talking about baptism or something, I don´t remember exactly what, but then he started saying that this was wrong and that was wrong, and I started trying to teach him that it was right, and it was getting a little contentious I will admit. But then my companion just bore his testimony about living prophets and their power. And the whole atmosphere changed. It was amazing to feel. Then I realized what I was doing was not helping at all and bore my testimony too of living prophets and the church. And we are going to visit him this week! 

I love you all!


Elder Parker

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