Saturday, June 6, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Week of Meetings

Last week was a week of meetings and sitting in a suit listening to trainings that really were awesome! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had meetings. So it was pretty hard to work this week and we did not have a lot of success, but there is always something good, at the end of every storm there is a rainbow!

Rainbow 1: We have been visiting a member and her kids to strengthen them and to help prepare her daughter for a mission, and she has a boyfriend or something. I don´t know exactly what he is, but I just refer to him with her as "futuro" He has come to church one time before, but has not been super interested in listening to our message, but he came to church yesterday! And he said he wants to listen to us!! And we didn´t even ask him!!! It is the best when the people come looking for us. Saves us a lot of walking.. ;) haha  So we are going to visit him on Wednesday! :)

Rainbow 2: On saturday, it was a super rough day. All of our appointments fell and we had to just contact. I wasn´t feeling super good (I have been with a cold) but then, at like 8:45 at night, we found her.. She listened to us, and although she did not have a lot of time, she did say that she wanted us to come back and teach her. And she was treating me like she was my mom too, haha. Telling me all these things I should do in order to fight the cold that I had, and telling me to take care of myself. It was neat (don´t worry Mom, you do it better! :P) but it was nice to have a random lady (AKA future member of the church) looking out for me! :) 

Rainbow 3: We have power again!!! hah We did not have power this weekend because the guy who is supposed to pay it is in the orient and didn´t pay it. So it was cold showers and recieving all the reports from the missionaries in candle light this weekend!

Today for P-day, we did a Parrillada, or basically a barbecue with the zone. We made food, played soccer and volleyball! It was a lot of fun! Other news.. This week I am going to get the privilege of baptizing someone. I baptized a mother about a month ago, Alexandra, and this Saturday I will get the chance to baptize her son who had a car accident about 6 months ago and lost a leg. But he is getting baptized this weekend!! WHOO

Final thought. Repentance is real. It is SO real. We had a lot of capacitations about repentance last week, and we learned about how we can have more confidence before God (the talk from elder Klebingat and from elder Robbins). It is an amazing thing that changes lives and destinies!! 2 Nephi 1:15 :D

I love you all!
Elder Parker

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