Saturday, June 6, 2015

January 19, 2015 - Another Week

We had a couple of sweet experiences this week. The first, one wednesday I was sick with food poisoning (not throwing up, just a lot of diarreah) but I was in the house all day. We went to an appointment in the morning with someone that we had talked to, but I almost threw up there. It was close. hah so we went home. We called the Zone Leaders and asked them if they could come give me a blessing. THey came and gave me a blessing, and in the blessing told me something like if I worked and did the Lord´s work, I would be blessed. After the blessing, I rested for a little while longer, then we went out to work. We had an appointment set with a recent convert, so we went there. I was super excited for that appointment, but they weren´t there. I got a little discouraged at that point, but the a thought came to my head, "Let´s go look for Diego" He is a less active member that is really trying to change his life. SO we went. I didn´t remember where is house was, but I just felt that we should go looking for him. Well, God blesses us and knows where He wants us to be. On the way to the house of Diego, we found him in the street with his girlfriend. He stood up, and asked "let´s go to the house?" And wow. THat was awesome! SO we went and had a super spiritual lesson with him. It was way neat!

The other experience that we had was with an investigator. LUIS. He is way awesome. The problem is that he has to go work for the next 3 sundays and will not be able to assist the church. But! he and his wife still are going to get married on the 5th of February!! And then we are planning his baptism for the end of February! He is awesome. We always feel the spirit super strong with him! It is way awesome! 

Today we went to the waterfall again, but this time it was raining and it was way cool! I have some pictures that I am going to send.
The week has gone well. I have just been fighting some food poisoning that I got on Tuesday from some meat that I ate. haha But all good now! 

Woops, didn´t include all of the pics..  Here they are!!!  I love you all and pray for you always!!

Love, Elder Parker


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