Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 - The Richwater

The familia Restrepo got baptized and confirmed this weekend! It was an amazing experience. We went to the rio aguarico (River Richwater) to baptize them, and it was wonderful. They have made so many excellent changes in their lives. Their oldest son David had earings, but after we taught him the first lesson, he took them out on his own. He also wants to get rid of his tatoos. They are much more united as a family now and we are so happy for them. They were so prepared by the Lord to make changes in their lives and to make this covenant with him. So, next stop: the Temple!

Yesterday I gave a class on the sabbath day with trainings from the General Conference. As I prepared and reviewed the teachings of the prophets, the thought came to me. There is a reason it is called Sabbath DAY and not just Sabbath Morning, or sabbath afternoon. It is a day that we have to enjoy and to rest from all other labors and to dedicate it ALL to the Lord. My testimony and conviction of the importance of this day has grown as I have seen how many families recieve many blessings by keep├Čng this day holy, and as I have also seen many who do not keep it holy and the difference and the blessings that they are missing out on. 

I love serving the Lord and I love working with His children. Especially the ones in Lago Agrio. Thank you for all of your support and prayers.

Love, Elder Parker