Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014 - 3 Months (In 3 days)

That all sounds kind of hectic haha! But fun too.
Right now, we are teaching a lot of different types of people.. haha Our investigator with a baptismal date for the 16th is awesome! She is a single mom, recently separated, so that has been hard, but she has told another less active family that we are working with that she has felt so many blessings from the message, and she has a strong testimony! 
Then we are teaching an old man that is super hard because he wants to know absolutely everything! And he is way hard, and we have a woman that is similar that asked about our chastity belts. We were like, are you serious right now? Do you see us or any other member wearing chastity belts? My comp got a little impatient and said: There are 15 millions members in the church. Do you think that every one of them wears a chastity belt? haha yeah.. but We work tons with the less actives. But we don't have tons of help from our ward. So that is way hard.
The members are way nice to us, but not always open to other new people, so that is sometimes hard with menos activos and investigators. But we have a couple new investigators that are gold! So I am optimistic :)
Church is like church. Haha it is basically the same, but in spanish! We don't do a lot with members, because we are always working with menos activos. So, yeah, but we eat lunch with them! I don't know if that answers your question haha..  ;)
So my thought this week is the power of fasting! We fasted this month for one of our menos activo families to be able to come to church! Because the mom works sundays, and the grandma has a bum knee, and there is no man in the house. But We fasted that she could change her schedule so that they could come to church because they want to, and I was not expecting the answer till the future, but they were at church yesterday! It was awesome!! :) haha
Leave your nets and feed His sheep!

Elder Parker

We were cold one morning during studies.. haha
And my radio! I didn't know it would be that pattern, but oh well! No shame! haha :P
And this is the awesome family that we eat with on sunday, and they do our laundry :)