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September 1, 2014 - 9/1/2014

This week has been good!  We are now teaching the sister and her family of Blanca! They are super ready to hear and be blessed by this message! They and 2 other friends of Blanca have baptismal dates for the 20th of september! We really focused on them a lot this week, so I don't really have much else to say! haha
The pics that I sent are of the Botanical Gardens here in Quito. Way cool. And there are other photos of Cayumbe and Cotopaxi, and our house, and us on top of our house :)

In order to find people, we try to ask for references. That is the most effective, but then we also contact every day. We usually knock doors or talk to people in the streets. We can do whatever we want to contact basically.    

Ummm, in order to approach the less actives, we just go and call them or knock on their door, or go with members. They know who we are. Umm, yeah, I don't know if that answered your question. ;) 

We pay zero to have our laundry done. :) We just pay for detergent, but there is a family in the ward that does it for us. We just drop it off and go back one or two days later to pick it up! Easy.

Haha our dinners are usually just bread. There are tons of bakerys here and they are super good. But no. We only really prepare breakfast. Members feed us lunch, and dinner really is not anything special. We usually will just stop at a bakery in some moment or on the way home and buy some bread to eat. 

My arm is much better. And my health is good.  The weather here is usually sunny but really not too hot. But sometimes the sun feels super strong haha  But it is really comfortable. And almost always I wear short sleeves just because we walk a lot and sometimes it gets a little hot, but I could be wearing long sleeves no problem too. 

This week also my companion recieved his patriarchal blessing. And we were taught a lot buy the patriarch. In 2 nephi 4:7 there is something super interesting. It is the promise of Lehi to his son Laman. The promise is that the people of Laman will never be destroyed. So when we read about all of the wars between the Nephites and Lamanites, the nephites never really had a chance. Haha. the lamanites had the Lord's blessing that they would not be destroyed.  Just an interesting thought.  ;)

I have to go now, but I know that this church is true. I know that we can receive so much from God if we are obedient to His commandments. Many people tell us that they are happy, but they can be much happier, and feel so much more with this gospel. I have seen the blessings in the lives of the people here that we teach.  Families really can be eternal and live together forever. I know that this is true. This message offers so much hope and peace and comfort and everything else good.   I love my Heavenly Father and all that He has done for me.  This life is not perfect and we are going to have challenges, but Heavenly Father will be with us in every moment if we love Him and follow Him.  

Thank you all for your examples. I love and miss you! Sorry if these are too long ;) 


Elder Parker

So I have tons of pics today, and these are of the botanical garden that we went to!! :) It was sweet.

In this bunch there is a little bit of NM!!! :)  They had chili!! :) aha


These pics are of Cayambe and Cotopaxi. Cayambe is more pointed than cotopaxi. This is like the first day we were able to see them both clearly because there is always clouds surrounding them. And me and my companion eating breakfast one morning. 

I have a new injury! I just slipped when we were walking down a steep hill because there were tons of pebbles haha


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