Tuesday, October 7, 2014

August 25, 2014 - 25/08/2014

First, the baptism. Was amazing. Was perfect. Was super difficult to get ready. haha We started filling the font, then went to buy a cake for afterwards, and when we came back, the water was super yellow, so we were like what do we do. So we found some cloths in a closet, and that is what the picture is. We took turns holding the cloth there like a filter for 2 hours. Honestly, it was rough but totally worth it! It was such a good experience for them too. I baptized the mother and right after I asked her how she felt, and what she said just hit me. She told me she didn't know how to describe it, but she just felt new. Like she had been washed totally clean. Wow. It was fantastic. And we confirmed them that same night so that they can go to the temple tomorrow with the other youth and recent converts. And they got their recommends yesterday! They are awesome. We visited them yesterday also and only the mother was there because the kids were with their dad, but she just seemed so much happier. It was amazing to see :)
Ummm, this week.. Really was pretty slow. We had a super hard time finding people, or people were sick. The super family that we have that had the dream was sick, so we weren't able to visit them. Super bummer. |But we have faith that this week we will find all these people again, which will bless them so much.     Yeah, it was a lame week. But that is all good! We had interviews with President Richardson, which were super awesome :)  I love that man so much. He is amazing!

Umm, to answer other questions. Yes I still have my arm. I started to use antibiotics with bandaids, but I got little blisters or something. They didn't hurt or anything or itch, but the nurse told me to stop using them or to just use one or the other to see what is bothering, but I just stopped using stuff totally. Now I am just waiting. But it is improving. No need to worry. 

Yes, I have a journal and write in it everyday! ;)    And to send mail, I don't know how the church pouch system works. We call it pouch what we get from the offices, so I would just send everything to the offices. That is safest. But you don't have to worry about that if you don't want to. I don't know how much that costs. For me to send mail, it is actually kind of expensive, so I have not done it much, and I don't know about packages or anything. We'll see. I'll try to send stuff. 

We email from cybers just wherever. Not the same place everytime. It just depends on what we do on a P-day. Today we just played games with the zone. 

Thank you all for all you do!! I am going to send pics now.    Always remember who you are. And always remember the importance of the Book of Mormon. Before the mission, I did not realize the importance like I should have, but now I am starting to realize the love and power that is in that book, in the words of the prophets.

I love and miss you all! Thank you all for your examples and everything


Elder Parker

 Also the other girl with us is basically investigating now, and is super interested and excited! :)


1.  With our baptizees! :)

2. Blanca with kids and other family. It was my comps birthday the 21st, and her birthday the 22nd. 

3. My comp trying to speak english during language study  :Pahah


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