Tuesday, October 7, 2014

August 18, 2014 - 18/8/2014

This week has been pretty normal. We are having a baptism this friday with our investigator and her daughter. I am super stoked for that! And we have  a new family that is amazing and so ready. This was basically my highlight of the week, meeting with this family. And here is the story.
So we were contacting the week before and knocked on this door, and a woman answered and invited us in. That alone was awesome! That never happens. So we taught her and went back and taught her and her husband Tuesday, almost a week ago. We taught them and the husband was way receptive. He had a brother that had a book of mormon and his brother was reading it, but he passed away I don't know how long ago. So the husband said that he would go look for the book so that he could read it.  Then the wife told us, the woman that we talked to the first day, that she had had a dream 2 days before we knocked on her door. She said that in her dream, her husband's dead brother had appeared to her and told her that everything was alright and that things would all be good. She also said that she saw 2 men in white come to her. That was her dream. When I heard that, wow. It was awesome. And she read the Introduction, the testimonies and the first 13 chapters of the BOM in 5 days. She said that she reads every morning. I was blown away. It was amazing :) And that is my awesome experience of the week :)

It has been normal this week. To answer questions about our P-days, it just depends on the week. We have activities as a zone where we play games and sports and stuff like that. Then sometimes we go to the offices which is like an hour away by bus to pick up mail (when we have it) and to get more supplies like BOM's and cards or what not, the pamphlets and stuff. And yeah, we haven't gone site seeing or anything yet, but I think in 2 weeks we will.  Either the Mitad del Mundo or Teleferico. We don't know yet. 

For my health, all is well. I am healthy and yes, I am sure my leg muscles are stronger. The only thing I have right now is a gnarly infection in my arm from a cut or something. I don't even know. hah I just kept picking the scab. But don't worry. Our investigator with a baptism this friday is a nurse and she looked at it last night and cleaned it. She said the same thing you would say mom. She asked me,  why didn't you tell me this when it was small? haha  But she cleaned it good and I talked to the mission nurse today at the offices and she gave me antibiotic and stuff. So yeah, that should get better, if not, I might lose a lot of weight , like however much an arm weighs haha. But there is a pic of my arm. 

A question. You know the mini BOM's in english? Are there minis in spanish? And how is the ward doing and all that?

And I read DyC 35 this week and love it. I love the promise at the end from verses 24 to the end. How awesome is that!! 

I love you all and miss you! 


Elder Parker

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