Sunday, December 6, 2015

October 26, 2015 - The Week

It has been a good week. Today we went and did a barbecue with a family of members and we ate TONS of meat, chicken, chorizo, maduro, yuca, and fresh orange juice. And coco!! We got them out of the tree and opened them for the water and are going to take the meat home to eat or make coco juice. I also ate chicken neck. haha it was really good. You can see it in the pic, the long piece that sticks out.

This week we had a cool experience with some new investigators, Jason, Maria and Maria.  We had contacted Jason a couple days before, and we were walking to an appt, when he called us over because he wanted us to talk to his family too. He lives with his mom and grandma. So we went and talked to them. And it was a really interesting lesson. We were talking to them and the grandma said that she would not change her religion for anything, but we kept talking and near the end, we felt to invite them to be baptized and the ALL accepted.. We were shocked. But It strengthened my testimony of the power of the spirit and that the Lord really does prepare people. I will keep you updated on that family.

Love, Elder Parker

1. We pulled down some coconuts and opened them up for the water and meat :)
2. and 3. There was a turtle at the members house where we ate today. 

A couple fotos from the baptism!

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