Sunday, December 6, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Questions

I am doing really well. I am healthy, but it is not super hot. And I have gotten used to it. Like, sometimes it is hot and the thing is that you almost always sweat because of the humidity, but it is not that bad right now. Only to church we were our jackets.
My companion is way awesome. He is 26 aand from colombia.  We have  couple [investigators], and are in the process of finding more. Haha we didn´t eat today. There was no time, because we were doing analysis of the numbers of the zone. :P haha i have been eating oatmeal but with juice packets instead of sugar. haha because we have no sugar..and the members feed us lunch. So here that is normally rice and fish and verde.. haha. Haha more than a snack, a lot of times, we just need something to drink. but I would not mind some snacks right now. haha
Every week we get all of the numbers of the things that the missionaries did in the week, and we have to analize thta to see where we are struggling, where we can improve, who needs help. Stuff like that. 
Just a cyber. There are just little businesses that are cyber labs. So that is where we always write. 

Elder Parker

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