Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 9, 2015 - Military Checkpoint..

A week of many miracles has just passed. The most recent one: we came to Quito today for the mission council, and whenever you travel from Lago Agrio to Quito, there is a military checkpoint where they make everyone get off to check their passports and if you don´t have papers, they make you stay there I think, but I am not exactly sure. But today, I forgot mine.. So when they made us get off the bus, I was praying and thinking, What do I do? I thought about trying to sneak past, but that would have been a dumb idea.. haha. So I go up to the desk and tell them, I forgot my papers at home. And they ask me questions like if I knew my passport number, and I did not.. and then they asked me what I was doing in Ecuador and I told them I was a missionary. They sat there thinking about it for a sec and asked me a couple of other questions about why I was traveling, and then they let me through.. So that was a neat experience and testimony that God does take care of His servants.

Then this week the Lord also blessed us a lot to be able to find some awesome new people that could really use this message in their lives now. One of them is a girl named Katy. We contacted her one day and she told us to come back on Saturday. We almost didn´t go visit her because it was raining super hard, and she lives alone with her daughter and there was noone that could go with us to be able to go in to her house, but we made one more call and there was a brother who was able to go with us. She told us that she was really confused about all of the different churches and that she did want to know which was the true church. So I will be updating you more on her as the time goes. 

Things in the Orient are really fantastic. It has been raining recently, but that just makes everything feel super nice. I know that God lives and that He loves us.

Love, Elder Parker

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