Sunday, December 6, 2015

August 25, 2015 - Tachina

Well it has been a pretty busy week! Yesterday we had trainings with President so we were not able to have p-day, so that is why I am here today.

This week we went to a different part of the sector where we had never been before. It is called Tachina and it is on the other side of the river Esmeraldas. It was WAY good. In the 2 visits, and 6 hours that we have spent in that part, we have 4 new investigators, 2 of them are preparing to be baptized, and we found a less active as well. We are super excited to keep working over there and have tons of faith for Tachina. 

We also found another investigator 2 weeks ago that, when we knocked on her door, she told us that she had been waiting for us. Wow. And she went to church yesterday! :) Our sector is progressing and getting better every day. On saturday a member presented us to one of her friends, and he was super excited and just said, yes, I want to get baptized. Wow. But then on sunday, he fought with his mom and she kicked him out of the house (he has 20 years). So that was a bummer, but it was a testimony to us that there is someone that does not want him to be able to go to church, so we are even more determined now to help him. 

This week I tried for the first time caldo de pata de vaca (Soup of the hoof/lower leg of the cow) I don´t even know how to describe it, so you are just going to have to look it up. 

And that was our week. This week is going to be even better. Thank you all for your support and prayers. This work is true and I know it. 

Love, Elder Parker

My camara died, so I will send fotos next week

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