Sunday, December 6, 2015

August 3, 2015 - The Move

So this week we moved houses. And boy was it fun! haha I got back to esmeraldas from quito on tuesday, we went and just talked to some people in the street that night, then on Wednesday to Saturday we were running around, we moved some other elders on Wedensday, then we packed our house up on thursday, friday we moved, and saturday was spent doing informs of the zone and trying to organize everything.

We had a really cool zone council on Thursday. We talked about our month, things that we are going to do better, and then basically just had a testimony meeting with the elders. And it was really special, because even the ones that are more jokesters and are normally a little bit more wound up bore powerful testimonies. That was really special for me to see. And it strengthened my testimony of the truth of the work that we are doing. I have honestly never been happier in my life. I just want to stay here forever. haha

That was our week. Lots of stuff that just has to be done sometimes. But I learned a lot. And I felt that I have grown.  Thank you all for your prayers and support. Take a moment to look back at your past, and look for the ways that you have been able to change because of a loving Heavenly Father. And if you can`t say that you have changed much, it might be time to think about your purpose in this life. All of us can change, no matter who we are or where we have been. Trust in your Heavenly Father.

Love, Elder Parker

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