Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Quick Answers

Haha bueno... I have not worn sunscreen once.. I'll try to remememer :)

I needed the neosporin because we played soccer a few weeks ago, and I slipped and got a nice abrasion on my knee and it got way infected.. But all good now :) haha 

Yeah, they sell green mango gatorade here, and it is amazing. My second favorite flavor. And it is a special edition flavor. 

The problem here, is that the youth are either in school or are working, and we don't have a lot of support from the ward, only from like 2 or 3 members, so it is hard because our investigators or menos activos sometimes don't have friends in the church. 

Chris should go for it! It is still my goal as well to come back and tryout at least. But I really think that he can do it! He is a baller. And that is awesome about his scout stuff! What is his project? 

No you don't make things harder ;) It is good to hear about things!   But, no, I don't know about this missionary program.. I have only ever heard of prayers faith and support.. haha
That is so exciting about Peter and Florence. Haha speaking of Peter Parker, everyone here, whenever they meet me or talk about me, or call on me, they always do the web shoot hand haha. They are always like, Parker, like Hombre de araƱa (Spider man) haha

I have not had to play the piano yet, but I also have not been able to practice at all. soo.. that is a bummer because I don't want to lose that.  

We had changes today, but I am staying right where I am now, so that is good :) We are trying to divide our area, because we can only work in half of it because it is so big! 

My showers are amazing when they are warm! :) When not.. yeah.. 

I have to go, but ALso, will you send me pics of our lego sets? haha

My thought this week. I was reading my pillow one day, and something that westley said stood out to me.  "Be true to yourself" Yes. be true to yourself. In all things. Think about where you want to go, and what you want to be. I really am out of time, but I love you all and will reply to the kids next week too. Sorry I have not been able to do that! Next week! 

Leave your nets and feed His sheep!


Elder Parker

I finally have my camera, so here are pictures!

1. With my comp with our zone shirts, with a tiger :) Our zone is nicknamed Eye of the Tiger! :) Yeah, I am meant to be here haha :) 
2. My bed, with Tiger blankets :) So you know I sleep well every night ;) 

3. One of the "tame streets" in my sector :P haha

4. My fetching shower. It is a fight every single morning. I will be all soaped up, and it turns off, so I have to jump out of the way and retame it :P Yeah, showers are fun haha 

1. Mom, you are going to be so jealous right now. If you have ever wondered why you can't find one dollar coins, it is because they are all in ecuador.. ;) haha I am not even kidding. I pay with a 10 and get all dollar coins back for my change.
2. Some of the coins have a president of the US on them, and this is my collection of presidents and whatnot.  Don't worry, I am saving all of them that I get so I can share a few when I get back. ;) But I already have like 25, and that is 25 dollars, so... 

3. A pic of our front room from the door.

4. My closet/floor/drying rack space for my stuff haha

5. My toilet and sink.

1. All of the missionaries in our ward, and our ward mission leader. We took apart his roof in his house so they can build higher. 

2. My desk for studying.

3., This is what the goals look like here. Always under a basketball hoop. And this is how it was in Mexico too.

4, . Pic of part of our area, it is a lot bigger than that! 

1. other pic of area

2. Our door. We have parts of milk cartons to cover the little windows.. haha and newspaper stuffed around the sides because it is not sealed at all! 

3. All of the gringos in my zone! 

1. View of the city from the Panecillo, which is a big statue of a virgin that is supposed to protect the city. 

2. The statue 

3. The other elders in my group

1. The cathedral of san francisco

2. Me with one of my zone leaders


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