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July 21, 2014 - Answers to Your Questions


Yes! I am feeling much better :) I got a blessing last week and am doing much better! I don't have problems anymore. I have no idea what it was but it sucked. Every morning I woke up and couldn't do much haha. And it lasted for a week. Every morning and random times throughout the day. It was the worst when it hit me during citas hha. But all better now! The food actually has been pretty normal here. Umm, yeah, only different thing is that when we eat fish, they usually just cook the fish whole, with bones and tail and face and everything haha. It is a litle bit tricky to eat because there are tons of tiny bones that will wreck your throat if you eat them. But that is the most different thing! Something that we eat a lot is salchipapas. French fries with hot dogs, or eggs or something. It is not good for us, but it is the cheapest and easiest thing when we don't have time, which is always. haha 

Okay, for qtips. They are like 50 cents for 100 or for 50 or something. I don't remember, but they are pretty cheap. 

There are supposedly like 200-220 in our ward, but we have an attendance of like 110-120 every week. It is not good. There are full menos activos in my sector. So many. And the thing that is diferent here, is that everyone has some crazy story about why they are menos activos. Like in the US, it is just that they weren't totally converted, or just stopped going to church. But here they are like: one time this person did this, one time this person didn't do this, like 10 years ago. They are really good at holding grudges here. We do so much work with menos activos and it is really hard to restore trust, especially because we don't have a whole lot of help from the ward. But we have a new leader mission of the ward so we have hope that it will get better! And because the old missionaries from like 4,5 years ago I guess were not good.. and lost the trust of a lot of people.. bueno haha

My companion is 21 I think, and has been here for 7 months. He has been in the church for 2 years and is awesome! Work hard, play hard! That is what he always says hha. And yes I have spoken and yes I have taught a lesson!  :P haha I don't get cut any slack for not knowing spanish, but it honestly has helped! I feel a lot more comfortable. Not totally, but more. I actually felt more comfortable when I was with a white companion, because, actualy I don't know why, but I did! haha And there is actually a chance that I will be a trainer in one more change. There are 20 gringos coming this next week (changes are in a week) and 20 the next one, so after I finish my training (12 weeks in total) I might be training too.. Who knows haha. 

There is nothing but hills here. I am not kidding, we are never walking on level ground. We have to walk down to get up, and walk up to get down, and it does not make any sense, but it happens. And no. Our area is huge and people are not really close. If you look up carcelen bajo in google maps, it is all of carcelen bajo, valle de carcelen, mastodontes, and josefina. and that is our area, and it is huge. 

We only have to wash fruits if they do not have a cascara? I don't know how to say that in english.. Like bananas have a cascara, and oranges. But apples and strawberries don't. So we only wash them if they don't have a cascara.   But we don't necessarily have anything specific to our mission.. Don't flirt. and that our future spouses are not in our mission, as missionaries or the people of our mission. There was an apostle or a seventy that said that. I don't know. hah that has been a problem before, we got an email specifically about that, but I think it is better know. And that is basically it.   

My questions: 
Do I need to be wearing sunscreen..? haha
Do I have neosporin or something? 
If you see a gatorade green mango, buy it and save it for me please :) 
I don't know if I will be sending many packages because it costs like 5 dollars for a letter, and I don't know about packages.. And I got your package! Thank you!! 
And you should answer my questions from this email and the last one too!

Sorry this is so long!

That is awesome about all of your activities!  :) It would be awesome to be there with you all, but honestly, I do not want to be anywhere but here. Sorry hah ;) I have had a couple dreams that I am already home, and I was way bummed haha. 

I like your thoughts about fasting! How true is that :) And not only fasting, our attitude affects every aspect of our lives! That is something that I have learned here :P 

 My thought this week is the power of prayer. I have found so much that prayer is something so important. Everytime we ask someone or a family how we can help them, they always just say pray for us! And I have also found that when we pray before a lesson, I can speak and understand much beter than when we are contacting and we don't pray!  Also always remember how much people respect us. We had, this week, a man come up to us (Catholic) And he asked us to help his son who does not have direction in his life, and has problems with smoking. This man told us that he knows that we have power, and that our message and what we teach blesses lives. Then we have a guy, probably 20 come up to us and ask us for help with drugs, becuase he wants to quit ad has tried everything, but he told us that he knows that we and God can help him.   Always remember who we represent!

Leave your nets and feed His sheep :)

I love and miss you all :)

Elder Parker

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