Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 14, 2014 - Sick Week

To answer questions:

The weather here is perfect. It really is. Sometimes it feels hot, but I know that I can't complain, and it is rarely cold. And it also does not rain here. Like never. It has sprinkled a couple times, but that is it. I have used my sweater one time, and that was because it was night time and I was sick, so I was already more cold. 

Right now, all of our investigators are individuals. We have one with a daughter, but her daughter is full catholic. It is so hard to find families here, and I am not sure why. OH! Actually, we might have a family soon. There is a woman and her brother, and her daughter, and we hope that we can get her husband as excited as they are. They are golden. 

Well, we do knock doors. We have a goal for 20 contacts every day. That can be knocking doors, or talking to people in the street. Whatever. And we don't have a ton of investigators, but full menos activos. There are so many here, and partly because before, I don't know how much time, the ward was not super good, neither the missionaries. So we do a LOT of work with menos activos.

On P-days, we usually have an activity with the district or zone, do some shopping, and come and write. And that has basically been it. haha not a lot. But next week I think we are going to the Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the world). Maybe haha..

There is a member family that washes for us. It is so nice :) We just drop our clothes off and pick them up later! 

Haha we eat a lot of bread. The panaderias here (Like breadshop) Have really good stuff. And cereal, and milkshakes. Lunch we eat with members, and always rice and some kind of meat, and soup. 

Yes, I alternate my shoes! Ummm, well I have been sick for the past week so we haven't been able to. I wake up everymorning with a nutso stomach ache, and it sometimes hits me during the day, but we still work, it just sucks. haha oh well. I got a blessing today, so I think I will be getting better. But we usually do weights or stuff, and maybe are going to start running.

We drink soda. All the flipping time. I don't like to drink soda, but it is cheap, and almost everyone has it. Or juice or water. But with members, soda. Almost always. I wish we didn't, but oh well. haha

Lots of fried banana, is what they eat. We have fried or cooked banana with almost every meal. Or bread, bread is fairly cheap and easy to get. 

No, I have not gotten my package yet.. But it usually takes a long time I think.. Like one elder got a package 3 months later. So yeah, it might take some time.. 

That is so awesome for Leland! I'm so proud of him :)  Truly, and that is something that I have really gained a testimony of here, the importance and strength of families. There are TONS of family problems here. and it sometimes makes things hard. Actually a lot of times. 

Now I want to ask questions haha:
Is that pillowcase safe to wash with other whites?   Do you have ideas for activities that can help the mission work?     Who won the premier league title?    Melkezidek priesthood holders can ordain together with priests to ordain someone to a lesser office, right?    Where are the rest of my qtips?     I think that is it for now haha

That sounds like a fun week! How was it for Chris? Has he been talking to the coaches? Does he want to play? 

Thought: Moroni 7:13.   Always do those things that the Lord wants of us! And then verse 16 :) 

I love you all, I am sorry if I forgot to say something, but it is hard to remember everything haha :P
I love you all and miss you :)


Elder Parker

well, since I don't have my battery yet, nor do I have a way to move the photos to the computer yet, here is a foto of my district :)   haha


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