Friday, May 23, 2014

May 20, 2014 - Elder Bednar

First off, I shook Elder Bednar's hand on Sunday! We watched a previous devotional of his called Character of Christ. It is one of the most amazing devotionals I have ever heard! Look it up. Right after the devotional, we typically go and watch a church movie or something like that, but when it ended, everyone stood up, and in walks Elder Bednar with no previous warning! He held a question and answer session with us. It was amazing! Then afterwards, we were waiting for our bus to go back to West Campus, and E. B. walked out of the gym and shook all of the missionaries hands! He is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Second, I am going to Mexico morning! My companion and I leave at to get a flight. I'm pretty excited, although it is kind of a bummer that I am leaving so many awesome people already. But I am looking forward to it. I feel like I will learn the language must faster there than here. And I will make sure my bags are within limitations. They have a scale somewhere that I will be able to use to weigh my bags to make sure they are not too heavy. 

So, for food, it is a lot of different things. Nothing is good for you, it is way calorie loaded. Uhh, we have asian sometimes, chicken, burritos, french toast, other stuff, I can't think of anything right now. 

We went to the Provo temple last Tuesday and will be going again later today. It is an amazing experience, even just to be inside or around the house of the Lord! 

I got the visuals, thank you! And as far as investigators, the only one we have right now is Daniel. I don't know what I told you about him, but he approached us last week and asked if we wanted to come to his apartment. So we did. We chatted and shared a short message, then the next day, we went back and just got to know him. He says he is already happy and does not need the BOM, so we decided just to talk to him and get to know him. Then, he said he had an interview and that he had forgotten a belt, so I lent him mine. However I have still not gotten it back yet, haha.. so hopefully he remembers it when we teach him in about a half hour. But if not, its all good! It was my nice belt, but I have another one, and he needed it more than me so he could get the funding he needed to help support his family, who are in Mexico now. I'll miss him!

I'm happy for all of the kids and all of their adventures! It all sounds so exciting! Thanks for telling me! 

Everything else is going well here. I'm so sad to hear about Grandpa Burnett. He was an amazing man. John 14:27-28 is an amazing scripture, and gives me comfort.

 I don't know when P-day is in Mexico, but I will email you again as soon as I can!

I love you all! Also, look up the Mormon Message "The Will of God". I think it is elder christofferson.. but not sure. It is amazing! There are some animated kind of parts. That is how you can recognize it. It is so good!!

Thank you! I miss and love everyone! 

Elder Parker

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