Wednesday, July 15, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Trials

I learned a grand lesson this week about trials and why they happen. I read a talk this week by Elder Richard G. Scott called
"The Sustaining Power of Faith in Times of Uncertainty and Testing"
Wow. I am changed. But there was one quote that changed me more than any other. “God never bestows upon his people,or upon an individual, superior blessings without asevere trial to prove them.” - Brigham Young,
Wow. That is wisdom and it makes all the sense in the world. This week has not been the easiest one, but this quote has lifted me to another level. Even though there were trials this week, I felt so strengthened to be able to look past them and to be able to look beyond the moment. It helped me so much to be able to have a different vision, a diferent perspective on everything. I know that this is true. I felt it this week and I know that it can be true for all of you as well. 

One other super special experience that we had this week was the opportunity to visit a couple elderly members of the ward. The mom has 90 years, and the son 63. They literally have nothing. The bishop and relief society president get them food every 2 weeks. That is something that I never knew until sunday morning. And it also changed my life. 
They go to church looking super good, all nice and clean, when in reality they have nothing. We read the Book of Mormon with us, and the old sister started crying telling us how we were her heros for what we do and all that we suffer. And I can tell you I have never felt smaller in my life. She and her son are my heros. Nobody knows what they are going through. At church this 90 year old little lady high fives and fist bumps us to greet us, as happy as can be. What an example of love to the Lord. I am rededicating myself to do all that I can for Him. 


Elder Parker

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